Love Note To Gaia




Love Note To Gaia: Poetry By Esther Marcella Hoffmann


“It’s the love note we all long for. The love note to all of you; your beauty cherished as deeply as your scars.”

~ Ronda Redmond, author of Said the Old Widow to the New.


“Take this ride!”

~ Amy Hunt, Bookmobile Librarian


“The poems of Esther Marcella Hoffmann speak with a powerful contemporary and personal voice, an energetic and dynamic voice that both reveals and revels in the wonder, joy, and mystery of being alive.”

~ Richard Meyer, author of Orbital Paths


“Esther Marcella Hoffmann’s work is of an exemplary mystic. She stands with the parthenon of great soothsaying poesis.”

~ Nala Sacul-Soliah, East St. Paul Poet-builder

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